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clo1956 wrote at 2008-11-07 05:44:22
The name Juda from verse 33 is of Hebrew origin and is spelled as Judah in the Old Testament. He was a son of Jacob and the first Jewish person in the Bible. God changed Jacob's name to Israel in Genesis 32:28 The Bible tells us that our Lord was a Jew because His mother Mary did have some Jewish blood in her as she was a descendant of Judah.

Mary's cousin Elisabeth (Luke 1:36) was of the daughters of Aaron (Luke 1:5) which makes Elisabeth a descendant of Levi. This also means that Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was a descendant of Levi on her mothers side. The Levitical priesthood are descendants of Levi. Jesus Christ was both a Jew and a Levite.

Jake wrote at 2013-05-24 02:54:37
I do believe if you do some research you will find that Mary

was a decendent of a Levite. So Jesus would have been a Levite.

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