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jefft wrote at 2008-06-27 19:35:20
God gave instructions to the priests in the OT to intercede for the people.   Surely this was not just a ritual, but an imperfect absolution for their sins until the time that the perfect sacrifice was made.   Thousands of aborted children and those that die with no coherence pass every day.   God would not create these souls who have no opportunity to willfully sin just for punishment.   We serve a God of mercy who may be rejected, but he is also a just God.

Matthew 18:14 "Just so it is the will of our father, that no one of these little ones shall be lost".

Philip wrote at 2010-04-02 14:36:51
Unbelievable... Just, unbelievable. In your eyes our Lord God creates humans that are damned from the get go to eternal suffering even if they haven't heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because you cannot reconcile your understanding of the Bible with those who have never even had a chance to hear the Gospel, you have created a God more akin to Satan in nature; hateful and utterly compassionless. And for you to feel comfortable with this speaks volumes about your own personal shame masking behind arrogance. Your answer to Spirit Sword was basically, "Well, we're all born sinners, so even those that have never heard the Gospel deserve to go to hell." Where is your biblical citation for such a judgement of condemnation concerning those who have never heard the Gospel? All the scripture you quoted had to due with those who have heard the Gospel and turned their back on it. Since there is no biblical scripture to back your reasoning over those who have never heard the Gospel, (other than man is a sinful creature) then I would be very careful about playing God and damning part of His creation to hell. The Bible can be no greater than our capacity to understand or even to love, and you  have have done something with it that our Lord Jesus Christ told us clearly not to do. Here's a hint... It's about judging.  

Don wrote at 2010-04-29 15:32:14
Im sorry that is not a good enough answer. These people where CREATED without a chance to be saved. Come on you cant tell me you really believe that. Instead of creating them he should have sent them straight to hell. I believe the bible has been contaminated over the years and that the truth has been hidden from us through satanic manipulation to scare us and invoke fear. The devil is a great deceiver we have to walk the path of truth in order to find what is true.

ReadItDontEatIt wrote at 2010-12-24 02:46:10
During the 3 days after Jesus was crucified, the Gospels describe him as traveling to "Hades" which is purgatory, to tell all those who died before Him of the Word. The gates of Heaven were not open before Jesus walked the Earth, so no humans were in Heaven or Hell, but pretty much were just waiting.

David wrote at 2014-01-21 06:52:06
Check out a wideness in gods mercy by clark pinnock  

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