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Robin wrote at 2012-11-17 21:27:52
The answer given here is wordy and long.  But unfortunately needs re reading, double checking and lots of cross referencing.  Take for example the last verser reference Rev 14:9-11.  It does not say all unbelievers.  Just check it through thoroughly for yourselves and consider deeper than just accepting what someone else has written.

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I have a site, I, and another expert named Obadiah, will answer any biblical or theological question from a conservative Christian perspective. We have been answering biblical questions on this site for a number of years. We have forums where we can discuss any issue from a Christian perspective. We know the two biblical languages, Greek and Hebrew. Obadiah knows Hebrew and Aramiaic very well. Obadiah and I know New Testament Greek. We have been on the radio with our program, Biblical Answers but stopped because of the cost. We are dispensationalists. We prefer the Majority Greek Text and have a school of theology where the upper division New Testament classes require a working knowledge of Biblical Greek. We translate and study the Greek Text of various NT books. Then, we do the theology of the passages we translate. We enjoy receiving the questions that others don`t like to try to answer.


I recieved my knowledge of Greek at UCLA. I took classical Greek as well as New Testament Greek there. I have been studying the New Testament in Greek and teaching it for over 40 years. We have a school, Derby School of Theology which is associated with our church. We have pastors who have graduated from our school in churches outside of our area.

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