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Shea wrote at 2008-10-14 20:47:57
Kenites are the sons of Cain who is the son of Satan...they were certainly before the flood and after the flood...Giants were from fallen angels whom who were geebers and infiltrated the women of that day, hence the giants.  How they got through the flood is a great question, my theories are 1.  They were part of the 7 of every species that got on the ark...Noah's family, the only humans mentioned, is due to the fact that Noah's family were straight line of Christ...second theory of mine is that the flood was only on the part earth where Noah was.  Chinese history records many thousands of years of history yet no mention of a flood in their parts.  

All other races, besides Adam and Eve, were created on the 6th day, God rested on the 7th day, and created Adam on the 8th day as there was no one to till the land.  Otherwise, how did Cain go to Nod where he met his wife? Read it again with these new eyes... Shea

Abbzeq wrote at 2012-04-08 09:55:46
the above anser is lacking in more ways than one and does not resemble an "expert".....or scholarly reply.

you will find that the children of cain are indeed the kenites.....and one needs only do a very simplistic study of the Word and the Strongs Concordance to figure this out.

it is directly stated in the Strongs.

youll find that Genesis gives Adams lineage and then goes on to list cains lineage.....cain is not in Adams lineage because he was not Adams son.

cains lineage is referred to in the Strongs as being the kenites.....thus.....the above answer is correct in stating that the actual name is not used before the deluge.....but common sense tells us that since the kenites are indeed the offspring of satan and then cain.....that this particular group is being refered to before the deluge.

the kenites became known as the rechabites and then became scribes in the Priesthood within the land of Judah.....eventually becoming the scribes and seducees etc.....which are spoken of in the New Testament.

as for the giants.....again.....the above answer is not correct.

the giants were indeed giants.

they were mutated beings which satan manipulated into existence in order to form an army of insane, evil warriors who would attempt to destroy the Israelites.

many scholars over the years have known this fact and its pretty easy to investigate it for yourself.....using the Strongs.

the lord of the rings is a tale taken straight from the Old Testament.

the orcs were merely representing the giants of the Bible.

funny so many people love the tales spoken of in lord of the rings but so few care to read and study the Old Testament or New.....which is in many respects exactly the same storyline.

i would recommend checking out this topic on youtube.

Pastor Arnold Murray has many videos there and he goes into the subject quite deeply.

after actually studying this topic in the correct manner.....Chapter by Chapter and Verse by Verse.....youll soon see that the giants were not just large men.....but indeed.....true giants.

i understand that my own answer does not include direct proof of my claims in regards to the is quite a lenghty study and more than i am able to post atm.

youll have to do some homework yourself on this one=)

Drake wrote at 2015-07-18 09:13:40
No... The first, top answer is correct. You are talking about the book of Enoch, which was written by Kenites, hence why it is NOT in the Bible.

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