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SaraC wrote at 2006-11-02 20:59:30
The text in question (Deut 22:5) I think is poorly translated. The Hebrew for "men's clothing" would be "ish beged" and for "women's clothing" it would be "isha beged". That's not the wording used in this verse. What is translated as men's clothing in this  verse is "keli geber". Keli is better translated as implements or armour. Geber is better translated as warrior or mighty man. This is the only verse in Deuteronomy where the word geber is used. Other instances of the English word man in Deut. are translated from the Hebrew 'ish'. Similarly, the what's translated as women's clothing in this verse is 'simlat isha'. Isha is woman, but simlat refered to a specific covering, an outer cloak or wrapping worn by both men and women, often used as a tent, a blanket, or a bag.

It was common practice in the heathen cults of the time for women to put on armour and men to put on a woman's cloak in the worship of Goddesses such as Diana.

Paul wrote at 2007-10-15 22:46:25
Some experts point out that it may have the connotation of war: woman to put on man's clothes for war and man to put on women's to avoid it.

As to the Old Covenant - if you are not Hebrew - you are both not able to be judged under the Law nor able to be safe under the Law. The only Law the non-Hebrew has is the "law unto themselves", which was wrapped into the Grace of Christ. Check the intent, it was written ONLY to Hebrews; we the outsiders are 'dogs'. Look in the New Testament; Christ's words to the Samaritan woman.

One last note: the Word say "Whosoever believes", whosoever is all inclusive because we are ALL sinners - "all have come short of the mark.." Gays, Straights, TVs', Black, White, Old, Young, Fat, Thin.

mo wrote at 2007-10-20 08:11:31
Bible perons wore clothing for that time as we wear for ours

There were no such thing as pants so this is not nor ever has been a male garment

The tunic was worn by both, but the females almost always especially outside was long in order for it to sache and you would know from behind it were a woman

The male tunic could be LONG OR SHORT but normally did not reach the ground or pass the ankle

If we were to be nonchristian thinkers we could say thatthe women wearing shorter skirts today are wearing mens attire because men were the only ones allowed to wear the SHORT tunic, but we ahould be loving knowing it's all inside and not out

The pant is universal and is not a mans garment it is attire for today  

Pam wrote at 2008-07-28 11:52:49
Please remember in your study that God has given us all the answers in scriptures. It can be very confusing when gathering info and opinions from multiple sources. Choose your sources wisely, and pray. Yes, God is love, but He is also a God of judgement. We are given rules, laws, and instruction in which to live by. If we break a rule for the 'greater good' the rule still has been broken. We still have sinned. Matthew 7:14 Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.  That tells me that the majority does NOT rule. Popular opinion will not lead you to heaven. Philippians 2:12 out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

God Bless and guide you


GR_Stych wrote at 2010-05-25 14:15:54
Personally, myself being a pagan, I think it would behoove(sp) everyone if there could be an agreence on the translation of the passage in Duet. But that aside, has anyone noticed that Only the countries that have high "Christian" or "Catholic" morals have the need to debate a moral dress code.

in Japan, skirts for men are back in style. But here in the great US of A and most of the UK, if a guy wears a skirt he is labeled as a transvestite.

There are several reansons for men to wear such garments. They reduce chafing and they allow the body to "breathe" easier. Skirts are more comfortable than pants, they arent as constrictive and any guy worried about his fertility knows that the less constrictive the better. granted it would mean that men would need to learn better posture when sitting in the LazyBoy watch a game on tv.

For those of you wondering, yes i am a male who wears skirts to be comfortable not to be more femmy.  

Frederick wrote at 2010-07-22 20:27:38
I think the author strikes a right cord here to some degree but it bears some explanation.  To say that only transvestites are singled out here does not do justice to the entire context of this passage.  No where here does it mention Transvestites and cross dressing.  In fact the implication of the verse is just the opposite, women dressing as a man does not accomplish Gods will just because it moves toward a watering down of the sexual differences.  The new testament takes up and confirms this theme in Corinthians about how men and women are to have differing hair lengths.  Paul was not talking about travestism there.  Neither was he doing so in I Timothy or I Peter in regard to womens dress.  It is not transvestism that is the topic here in this verse but a movement of watering down the distinction between the sexes in regards to clothing.  Transvestism is typically of a man cross dressing as a woman, not a woman as a man.  I think in this passage that the author is defending the view that God wants women to dress as women and men as men.  To hedge this belief by saying that it is ok for a women to wear men's clothing to go horse riding is a direct contradiction of what the verse implies, God abhors women dressing as men.  It is not legalism here but recognizing what is abominable to God and honoring that.  

Lesbianism and homosexuality follows along the same path.  To bear out the point, a transvestite who is a man wants to dress "like a women"!  Is not this making the point!  Women should dress like women!  

Ugochi Roseline Uguru wrote at 2013-06-30 04:13:03
My understanding is that we easily argue with God and allow satan to gain God's glory. That Deut. 22vs5 God said it is abormination for us to interchange our dressing.  Simple instruction and we are being stiff-necked.  Ezekiel 33:3-12 God instructed preachers and all of us to tell all of His word.  If you do not tell them and die of that sin, God will require their blood from your head.  But if you  tell them and they refuse to hear, they will pay for their sins with their own blood.  You may wear pant, you woman, to perform service not to go to church, visit friends or regular  other things.  

How many of us will like our children to argue over our instructions rather than carring them out as we have instructed them.

Are there no skirt s or dresses that our women will were.  Nurses have skirt scrubs.  It is disobedient for a christian mothesr to wear pant scrbs when there are diginifyin scrub skirts you can wear for your work.  Ezekiel says it is wickedness to disobey God. If you look at the root of this wickedness, you wicll see witchcrafty.  Suffer not a witch to leave. loves us so much that it is wickedness to pay Him back with cantafit for all our sins He bore and saved us  from childbearing.  Think on these and make up your mind to do away with pants and wear praising garments just for God.  

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