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  Q: CASA, I would like to know where a person goes (if anywhere), when s/he dies. Also is the »self« ...
  A: This is what Jesus promises. NEARLY 2,000 years ago, Jesus, often called the greatest man who ...
How is Violence Prideful5/20/2013
  Q: Please forgive me for my ignorance, but here's myAt site ...
  A: I dont understand what the previous answer's correlation between pride and violence. I'm going to ...
  Q: I am becoming a believer in Jesus. I know the sabbath is Saturday, why do churches hold the sabbath ...
  A: Greg, The sabbath is no longer valid since Christ is the lord of the sabbath. The sabbath was ...
  Q: can you please tell me the references related to the word HONOUR in the bible?
  A: The principal Hebrew term denoting “honor” is ka•vohdh′, which literally means “heaviness.” ...

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I will try and answer almost any question on religious and spiritually related subject matter. Please let the inquiry be base on the person’s earnest, honesty and whole-hearted approach combined with good faith. Let the inquirer humbly seek answers to further their knowledge of scriptures, culture, and overall increase his or her relationship with our Creator. Our relationship through this inquiry will not involve bashing, discrediting, or dishonoring other informational providers on this forum or any other forum and/or religion. I will quote from sources if possible and provide their information on this forum.


I am an active Christian using the old title International Bible Students and have been disciplined with over 30 years of bible based knowledge with informational data to support biblical history and culture. I, as well as the organization, am currently researching new information as more research comes to light; which means that subject matters are becoming clearer and thus being disseminated to those who want to be taught. If during our uplifting discussion, I have erred in reasoning or in presenting the information, I will apologize sincerely. I will not allow my knowledge or sinful tendencies of pride to cloud my judgment. The first step in any discussion is recognizing our humility and imperfect state in this world and that all that is spoken is derived from our Creator, Jehovah God.

I belong to the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

My writings have appeared in local, nationally and global wide.

Seven days a week I attend a biblical study course involving the old and new testaments. I pertain to the Biblical Archeology Studies,Ancient Civilizations, and Biblical Daily History. Ive been an ordained minister since 1984 but have been enthralled in biblical history since I was a child.

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All honors and awards belong to God and none to me.

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My past and current clients would like to keep their relationship with me confidential and I respect thier wishes.

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