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I've just purchased a Boardman MTB Pro which is a great bike apart from the gear shifters which I don't like. The front and rear gears are 2 x 10 SRAM X9s which have different style levers to the Shimano Deore on my previous bike (a Specialized Rockhopper) and don't have an indicator to show what gear you're in. Is it possible to have Shimano shifters and SRAM deraillers? If so, are they all compatible or just certain types?


Mark Smith.

There is no direct compatibility of Shimano and Sram 10 speed derailed/shifters. There may be an adapter mechanism--basically a windlass pulley--available from an outfit called JTEK Engineering

I agree that the SRAM   "paddles" are quite different from the Shimano levers. I too am riding a SRAM equipped bike, and can say this. I liked the SRAM levers insofar as their "thumb-only"-style activation was very conducive to allowing maximum control in that i am able to keep my index finger on the brake lever(s), three fingers on the grip, with my thumb(s) in reach for the necessary gear shifts. I do shift a lot , and I find that after a period of adaptation , the SRAM levers are ahead.

It all comes down o what you are accustomed to, however, so short of buying more stuff, you may be faced with a rather steep learning curve for the  next while.  

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