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I bought a friend a ladies Roadmaster MTN SportrX. The front gears wobble and I do not see where to tighten them. The pedals do not wobble - they turn true.

Perhaps there is a missing piece that is needed to keep this three gear cassette in place.

Thanks for your help.


The problem of wobbling chainrings-the big gears attached to the cranks and pedals-can be attested to these culprits:

1. The crankarm is loose on  and/or installed crookedly onto the crank spindle. Try tightening the fixing nut/bolt in the crank arm. If the arm/rings still aren't straight, then the arm must be removed-requiring a special tool-then re-installed.

2. The chainrings and/or the piece(s)  which mount them to the crank arm-called the "spider"- are bent due to impact,etc. Do all three rings seem to wobble "together" around a common "orbit"? If so, the cause is likely related to #1, above. If only one or two rings appear to wobble, or wobble at different points, then they are likely bent.  Straightening the chainring(s) and/or spider is a decidedly  variable endeavour, and may lead to replacement.

3. The crank spindle is bent, requiring replacement.  Usually, in this case, the wobble  symptoms are similar to cause #1.  

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