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Hey James!
I'm Tom Houser, the expert at the vball site.
I own a Trek Navigator 300.  It's about 10 years old and it's probably got 15,000 miles on it, all on asphalt.  
I'm getting a grinding noise when I pedal. It's getting louder and louder.  I'm 99% sure it's not the gear shifter.  I have replaced a ring full of ball bearings in a previous bicycle (sorry don't know the right phrase), and figure either the rings are dry/greaseless, or they again need replacing.  I was going to attach a pic, but can't find out how.  If you wish to email me, it's  

Noise such as exhibited is likely caused by a worn out bottom bracket bearing--the bearing/spindle to which the crank arms and pedals are attached to. It's time to replace that bearing. Your best bet is to have an appropriate sized cartridge-style bearing refitted. Measure your frame width at the frame shell, along with the spindle length for a suitable replacement. Any competent bike shop should be able to help.

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