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First want to thank you for my 6/18 post. The lower brake cable housing needed to be cleaned of rust. Some choke and carb cleaner loosened it and did the trick. My inquiry is can I put a 26 x 1.75 tire on an Arapa 26x1.5 HE AP21 rim?

Based on the information provided, that tire should be compatible with that rim. That being said, the surest way to confirm compatibility is to glean some data from both the tire and rim. Specifically, on the tire sidewall, usually embossed along with the "Imperial" dimensions of 26X1.75, there should also be a series of ISO dimensions, usually of the format XX-XXX. For your purposes, the ISO dimension number might look something like: 47-559,  for example. The first pair of numbers refers to the tire's section width; the second set refers to the bead seat diameter, in this case, 559 millimeters. You should be able to find a similar set of numbers on the rim, as well, usually embossed near the valve-stem hole, or printed on the rim label, opposite the valve-stem hole. As long as the rim bears the same "559" value for the second number set, everything should be golden. Good Luck!

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