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Hi James,
my rear cog set on my bike needs replacement. But on the 1st cog is worn - is it possible to replace the one cog rather than replacing the whole cassette?

It depends on the make/model of your cogset. If you are running a "freewheel"-type cog set, where the cogs and freewheeling mechanism are threaded onto the hub body, then the likelihood of replacing individual cogs is slim; the trade-off is that  a replacement freewheel/cogset shouldn't cost more than $40.
If your bike features a "free-hub" type cogset, where the cluster slides onto a splined free-wheel mechanism that is part of the hub itself, you may be able to source an individual cog. The downside, again, may come down to availability. The biggest drawbacks to replacing individual cogs are  that unless you match the exact make/model, you may experience compatability issues regarding the shift assisting profiles, etc, built into the faces of the cogs. Further, the price of an idividual cog may be close to the cost of an  entire cluster. The overall caveat is that replacing individual cogs means that the wear on the cassette as a whole becomes uneven, raising a whole other host of potential problems.

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