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Elginkid wrote at 2006-11-03 01:08:03 is a great resource for researching old bike, but I have a feeling that since your bike is a 60's middleweight, (26 x 1.75 tires, as opposed to a balloon tired bike with 26 x 2.125) you will find that resource less than helpful at determining or finding parts.  By the 1960's many parts were becoming homogenized as companies merged, and single manufacturers were supplying nearly identical bikes under different marques.  My recomendation woud be to search all of the vintage bike sites/forums, such as and and do LOTS of research so you know how to tell the nuances between parts for your bike, vs parts from other bikes from the same period.  Also, take advantage of ebay as a research tool, and look at similar bikes, and what they were equipped with.  Hope that helps.

cavalia wrote at 2006-12-27 00:36:32
Holy cow! I have a mens Stratoflight, way old, that I've been trying to find info about. This is the 1st time anyone has ever heard of Stratoflight. Mine has Shimano and Suntour parts, all high end.

Another Steve wrote at 2007-06-17 03:22:00

WALD in Kentucky made most of Murrays mechanical parts( cranks, fenders, handle bars, front hubs, etc. Maybe they can help date something. Murray just made so many bikes. They just couldn't or wouldn't track there production. Roadmaster is just as bad or worse.

bubba wrote at 2008-10-31 22:55:20
hi dean. to find a serial #, turn your bike pedals up and look on the pedal carrige (round part pedals go in), you should find a number there, starting with letters then a series of numbers.  good luck.

Joe wrote at 2008-11-14 18:15:20
To find year of production look at the frame post beneath the seat. It should be stamped there. Murray discontinued all production of bicycles in 1999, so you may have trouble finding parts

cream two tone wrote at 2009-05-28 03:55:56
I have one that says it was made in lawrenceburg, Tn.  Murray 18 speed Ultra Extreme. Also picked up a Murray Sands. 1980 (I think tag says 06 80) w/ almost same frame geometry.  (got it free, took more to fix that I should have put into it)

30thtbird(Kenny) wrote at 2010-01-31 12:38:32
Needed to do this for a while, so here is what I have figured out so far. There has been many people along the way that has contributed and a few that has helped set me straight. hahaah.

I don't know how far back this goes , but I know that Murray used a single letter to represent the year since at least 1949. Most of these bikes up until the early 60's had the serial number stamped on the bottom of the bottom bracket. I have seen the letters MOS stamped on most of these. I ASSUME that they stand for Murray of Ohio Supply. This is usually followed by a - and a single letter. That letter will be the year code. After the year code will be a 2 or 3 digit number that stands for the model number. This excludes bikes built for Sears and Gambles(Hiawatha). Sears bikes had a 502 and Gambles bikes had a WG or a WG and a single digit. Sears bikes then had a 2 - 5 digit number afterwards that stood as the model number and was actually used in there catalogs as the part number. Gambles Hiawathas were the same way.

F = 49

G = 50

H = 51

I = 52

J = 53

K = 54

L = 55

M = 56

N = 57

P = 58

R = 59

S = 60

T = 61

U or V = 62

W = 63

X = 64

Y = 65

In 65 they were changing there serial number style and by then they were on the left rear dropout. Some 65 bikes had an MO5 which stood for Murray of Ohio 1965. After these 3 digits was a 2 or 3 digit model number followed by and X and a 1 or 2 digit number that I will discuss momentarily.

MO5 = 65

MO6 = 66

MO7 = 67

MO8 = 68

In 69, they changed the layout yet again. They dropped the O. They also went to a 4 digit model number.

M9 = 69

M0 = 70

and so on.

This is what I have so far on the X numbers. We need to add to the list as more show up. Ron and I were talking about these numbers recently. We figure that a customer had to order a minimum number of bikes per order to have there own X number. If they didn't order a minimum number of bikes, they possibly shared an X number with a Murray badged bike. Kenny.

X6 = Flying O (Otasco-Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company)

X7 = BF Goodrich

X10 = Westernflyer (Western Auto)

X12 = All Pro (Kmart)

X13 = Murray

X18 = Hiawatha (Gambles)

X25 = Foremost (JC Penneys)

X28 = ?

X32 = Parkleigh

X34 = Liberty (Chicago Cycle Supply Company)

X35 = Liberty (Chicago Cycle Supply Company)

X36 = Liberty (Chicago Cycle Supply Company)

X43 = Murray

X55 = Murray

X67 = Sportscrest

X69 = Special for 1969 (in 69 only, could have been used other years as a different meaning)

X70 = Special for 1970 (in 70 only, could have been used other years as a different meaning)

X71 = Sportscrest (?) Also Special for 1971 (in 71 only,could have been used other years as different meaning)

X81 = Murray

X82 = Murray

X83 = Might actually be a Sears number??????

X84 = Murray

X97 = Murray  

Thomas wrote at 2011-01-30 21:25:57
The model number is on the bottom of the hub.  But you will have

no luck on Murray.  They quit making bikes in the late 70's and are

no completely out of business.  The plant was located in Lawrenceburg Tn.   My father used to work for them.

vinnie wrote at 2012-02-10 05:47:08 might have settle for wald parts seats,goose neck,handle bars,etc.    look under bottom bracket or left rear u hole, maybe head set

Rob wrote at 2014-06-10 19:09:30
Sears; yes Sears Roebuck, of all places, does carry many spare parts for many Murray bikes. (They changed very little in design over the years with the exception that parts were made abroad in the 1980's.)  By modern standards, the bikes were quite simple, but robust. Wikipedia has an interesting history of Murray bicycles. Good luck on your restoration.  

Loop wrote at 2015-03-06 20:49:49
I see this is from 2006 but ehh that serial number is on the rear drop out  

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