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Bicycle Repair/Spinergy / SPOX rim replacement (how to)


dougcalifornia wrote at 2006-12-06 18:34:07
The Spinergy Spox rim is DIFFERENT from other rims becuase the adjustment is on the hub end of the spoke as opposed to the rim portion. The rim portion of the spoke is bigger in diameter than normal rims - only Spox rims have the proper diameter hole. Spinergy no longer makes repalcement rims. I have been told (but have not verified) that some people have succesfully drilled out the rims on a normal rim and used Spox hub and spokes to build a wheel in this fashion.

spox rider wrote at 2008-02-05 20:57:36
The answer is that you CANNOT use a regular rim on Spox wheels because the spox spokes are bigger than other spokes so you would have to drill out the rim to accept the spox spokes, Spinergy no longer makes rims to fit these wheels. The rims were the weak point on these wheels. The spokes were strong enough that if you hit a curb or in some other way put enough stress on the spoke it would pull itself out  of the rim breaking the rim. I own several pairs of these wheels and love them but they cannot be repaired using a non-spox rim UNLESS you drill out the rim and thus weaken the eyelets.

doug wrote at 2008-04-04 00:21:26
This answer is NOT correct. The spox spokes are bigger in diameter where the spoke goes through the rim and the standard rim has to be drilled out to some extent to accept to the spokes.

Ernie wrote at 2013-07-28 20:28:06
what rims would be compatible to be drilled out for this?  how wide should they be drilled?


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