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I love biking in the summer and was thinking about getting one of theses for the winter. Something about stationary bikes just doesnt do it for me.
Do you have any advice? These are the ones I am looking at BTW.

Anything else would be way too expensive. Thanks for your help!

Hi Bud,

I need to start out with one disclaimer... indoor cycling is boring. You sit in one place, there is no breeze, and you don't go anywhere. Having said all that the way I try to make things tolerable is to ride in front of a video with a fan on me. But even given this the best I can do is about an hour on my rollers (indoor trainer except the bike isn't held in place).

The great thing about training in the winter is when spring hits and the roads are clear your first outdoor ride isn't as painful. You may not be where you left off in the fall but you have a good start on the season. So yes, despite the boredom, I strongly encourage you to get one of those trainers.

A couple of tips beyond the video (I prefer old cycling videos) and the fan: Trainers are noisy, especially the resonance that comes from the floor. To help counter this you can buy a special pad at a shop or get an anti-fatigue mat, like what you put in front of the kitchen sink. Put the trainer on the mat, this will cut way down on the noise.

Make sure that you put a block of wood or something under the front wheel so your bike is level. If it isn't you will always be putting pressure on your hands to prevent yourself from sliding forward.

Wear your cycling shorts. For all the reasons to wear cycling short outside you will want to wear them on the trainer. You can forego the helmet, I think you'll be safe!

Vary the work out. If you get a trainer with a remote increase the resistance for a while, like you are going up hill. Don't get lazy and just sit and spin at a slow cadence, but keep working through your workout.

Get ready to go through a rear tire. If you just replaced your tires you may want to head back to your local bike shop and get a really cheap tire to use on the trainer. Or just be prepared to replace your back one come spring.

That is about all I can think of right off hand. I know I said it is boring, and it is, but I always try to keep one goal in mind that motivates me through the winter - just how much more I will be able to enjoy that first Spring ride since I trained all winter.

Stock up on videos, hire someone to throw leaves and bugs in front of the fan, and get ready for a great next season!




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