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Thanks for time for helping us.
I have been cycling since 2008 but in the last one year I took cycling more seriously than before and now am quite regular as my standards. (three time a week from 20 to 40 km cycling each time).

I want to know about warm up before the start of cycling ride. Also, how to get my thighs, calf and shin muscles stronger to ride up hill trouble free. I have been trying to cycling against an elevation from 200 to 400 m in 3 to 5 km and in one of the last attempt I had cramps all over my leg muscles which was never happened before.

Please help me how to prepare myself before taking difficult and challenging rides.
Also, please tell me about my mountain bike. I have Centurian Backfire (Taiwanese made). I am planning to but a road bike too for extra speed and like to know the watch list. Please comment!!

Kindest regard


Dear Tariq,

Nice to hear that you still like to ride a bike! Great.

There is not explanation to do from my side in the case you mentioned, because getting cramps is not only depending on an warm up. Also your general condition (which I believe is excellent), but also if you was already tired, if you had enough to drink before the ride, if you was sick, had a meal right before the ride...

Normally a warm up is effective and prevales to get injuries. In the case of riding competition is can be different (especially with timetrials, than a real warm up is necessary).
A regular ride can be done, with a short warm up like some stretch excersises. When you jump onto your bike, just avoid big exertions in the beginning. Ride the first 10 kilometers on a low pace, and high rhytm (100 rpm).
Also a cooling down is the same as in reverse, slow down, avoid exertions, slow down the rpm's, and at home do some stretch excersises as well.

Hope that you like this!

Have fun



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