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A very general question, please.   I have a 10 years old KHS Comp mountain bike.

 If I am buying a new good bike,  will I feel any MUCH different in efficiency, pedaling ? Other advantages?   Or, it is more for technical trails that you need the more advanced suspensions which I do not that much need ?

I do light plus trails but I got more into it and would like know whether it is worthwhile or not?   I live in a very small town so I can not really try one here.

Thank you,   Gabe

Hi Gabe,

I'm sorry but I really cannot answer your question.

1. Riding feel is a personal matter. I cannot decide for you what you'll like.
2. The link to your bicycle is not working
3. I know next to nothing about mountainbikes

I suggest you do some Internet search to find a cycling forum that has a mountainbike section and ask again there.

Kind regards,



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