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A very general question, please.   I have a 10 years old KHS Comp mountain bike.

 If I am buying a new good bike,  will I feel any MUCH different in efficiency, pedaling ? Other advantages?   Or, it is more for technical trails that you need the more advanced suspensions which I do not that much need ?

I do light plus trails but I got more into it and would like know whether it is worthwhile or not?   I live in a very small town so I can not really try one here.

Thank you,   Gabe

Hi Gabe,

Well a lot has changed in 10 years for example the bearings are of better quality and seal, the shifters are more efficient and the frame construction is better. But honestly after 10 years its normally recommended to change the bike or frame, especially off roaders. The reasoned being is that the welds can develope micro cracks that can't been seen.

The upside of getting a new bike is the quality and improvements of the components, the warranty and peace of mind of a new frame and you will probably and honestly i think you will notice a better quality and efficient ride.

Let me know if you have any more questions.



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Hi there! I use to mountain bike but now I do road. I have over 14 years experience and I can answer almost any riding or technical questions you may have. This is such a fun and healthy sport to get into, thatís why I'm here to help anyone who has any questions on it ~ Thanks and donít be shy to ask me!


I have many years of biking experience and Iím proud to say only 2 wipe outs! (maybe 3). Now I ride for fun and long distances with my new bike that I built up myself. My ride is a 2009 ECLIPSE Sheriff (AN6 HT1). I have entered numerous races and biking events and have learnt skills, tricks, techniques and the know how to be an efficient rider.



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