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A very general question, please.   I have a 10 years old KHS Comp mountain bike.

 If I am buying a new good bike,  will I feel any MUCH different in efficiency, pedaling ? Other advantages?   Or, it is more for technical trails that you need the more advanced suspensions which I do not that much need ?

I do light plus trails but I got more into it and would like know whether it is worthwhile or not?   I live in a very small town so I can not really try one here.

Thank you,   Gabe

ANSWER: Dear Gabe,

Thanks for asking me this fine question...
The bike that you ride at the moment, is a nice bike (little heavy perhaps). And will do his job for the rides you bike on it. But you'll have to ask yourselves what you like to ride.
Technical trails with a lot uphill tracks, or riding a lot downhill (where you need the rearshock).
A lighter bike will respond much better, although there are full suspension bikes who have a weight under 10 kilograms.
And nowadays you'll find frontsuspension with 10 centimeters travel.
But both have their pricetag.
Giant, Specialized and Trek offer a nice range of bicycles with frontsuspension or fully's (full suspension). Furthermore you want to have regular brakes, hydraulics (Magura, German quality) or discbrakes.

If possible drive to an bigger town and find there a local bikestore (look around at the websites from bikebrands for a bikestore near you.

Think about it, and if you still have questions, just ask me allright!?

Best regards,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for such a nice answer!

However, my main concern was and is...  will I really feel like  a new bike is faster, easier to pedal?   I think about the Rocky Mountain Element 30 or 50 ...

Thanks,   Gabe

Hello Gabe,

Mostly people want a "new" bike is new, better and improved than their older bike.
And yes, for many bikes this is true. But not all bikes ride better that your old bike.
That you will have to try/experience...

My Specialized M2 from 1994 is not lighter as some bike right now, the shiftinggears are "old" but works perfectly. The bearings from the bracket are running smoother and longer/with less resistance then the new parts nowadays.

I love the geometry of the Element 30, if you like that as well you can always ask your bikestore to upgrade your bike with better components (XT instead of Deore).

Just ride...



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