I have an 11 years old KHS comp full suspensions RockShox Duke XC, 4".   I always park it up side down, on its handlebar and seat when not riding. Never leaked in 11 years.   Recently started leaking oil  from the front suspensions. I  Called and made an appointment with shop mechanic.  However, he is telling me ( on the phone)  that if I keep park the bike like this, it will continue leaking and it is not good idea...

What is the best way to park it ( hanging it from the ceiling is not an option for me)  ?  

Any way to avoid it in the future ( oil leaking)  -  extra sealing?   if I keep park it on its seat and handlebar which I think is better...

And, could I do this basic maintenance on my own? is there any good guide on the internet? And, how often should I do it if the bike is parked in the garage and I do only light trails, maybe several hours a week?  

Thank you?   Gabe?

Hi Gabe,

Your LBS guy is absolutely correct, storing your bike upside down when you have just about any fork with oil in it is asking for trouble. The fact that you just started having problems just means you have been awful lucky.

You can put a kickstand on it and leave it set up, which would assure no leaking. You can build a very inexpensive stand out of PVC pipe, The plans for this type of stand are all over the Internet, most are under 20.00.

here is a great article on Mountain Bike Maintenance in general

This one is more on forks

Hope this helps

Have a great day



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