I have an 11 years old KHS comp full suspensions RockShox Duke XC, 4".   I always park it up side down, on its handlebar and seat when not riding. Never leaked in 11 years.   Recently started leaking oil  from the front suspensions. I  Called and made an appointment with shop mechanic.  However, he is telling me ( on the phone)  that if I keep park the bike like this, it will continue leaking and it is not good idea...

What is the best way to park it ( hanging it from the ceiling is not an option for me)  ?  

Any way to avoid it in the future ( oil leaking)  -  extra sealing?   if I keep park it on its seat and handlebar which I think is better...

And, could I do this basic maintenance on my own? is there any good guide on the internet? And, how often should I do it if the bike is parked in the garage and I do only light trails, maybe several hours a week?  

Thank you?   Gabe?

For once the shop is right.  The rubber seals on a shock for will deteriorate over time with exposure to the air, so you can expect them to need to be replaced every five years or so.  11 years is actually very good, so you should be very pleased.  Once they are leaking, however, they should be replaced or you will lose all shock absorption and be riding a pogo stick bike.  I have done bushing replacements, but it is a complete pain.  Getting new bushings to fit wasn't hard-what was hard was finding the right shock oil and buying the special bushing setting tool that the company makes for shops.  That set me back $50 and since I  don't do it except every 5-10 years, it was not cost effective.  Reconditioning shocks is just about the only service I don't do myself.  It is more unpleasant than packing wheel bearings with oil getting everywhere and the need for a setting tool.  Give that one to the shop.
As for storage, I never store upside down on the handlebar.  Going up and down tears up the seat, compresses the seat foam permanently, and chews up the shifters/grips/brakes, depending on how you have the bar set up.  Good bushings shouldn't leak, but upside down just isn't good. I hang mine from the ceiling in the shop by the front or rear wheel.  You can also stand it on the rear wheel and have a hook in the wall stud at the height of the front wheel that holds it up.  However, that way is not the most sturdy.  Another way, there are racks that lean against the wall and hold one bike above another by the top tube.  Finally, you can find cheap racks that hold a bike upright on the ground by the rear wheel (sort of like a public bike rack).  Any one of those options is good.  I hang 9 bikes from the ceiling and have two wall racks for four bikes.
I hope this answers your questions.



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