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I have an 11 years old KHS comp full suspensions RockShox Duke XC, 4".   I always park it up side down, on its handlebar and seat when not riding. Never leaked in 11 years.   Recently started leaking oil  from the front suspensions. I  Called and made an appointment with shop mechanic.  However, he is telling me ( on the phone)  that if I keep park the bike like this, it will continue leaking and it is not good idea...

What is the best way to park it ( hanging it from the ceiling is not an option for me)  ?  

Any way to avoid it in the future ( oil leaking)  -  extra sealing?   if I keep park it on its seat and handlebar which I think is better...

And, could I do this basic maintenance on my own? is there any good guide on the internet? And, how often should I do it if the bike is parked in the garage and I do only light trails, maybe several hours a week?  

Thank you?   Gabe?

Hi there

Sorry for the delay for response it's a long weekend here in Canada.

Well I use to have a mountain bike and I remember being told to NEVER hang it upside down. The seals are intended to keep the oil in and not splashing out. When placed upside down for long periods of time it stresses the seals I know sounds weird. But think of it this way... A car carbarator has seals and all that. When placed upside down it does not work as intended to.

The best thing to do is place it right side up and preferably off its tires. Maybe you can hang it from the frame. That's what I did for years with Zero issues.

Also if the bike is 11 years old things will start to go on it. You can get oil and seal kits for it but its prob worth it to get new shocks at that point. Also with it being that old you have to start worrying and watching for micro cracks and integrity of the metal.

Hope this helps you abit. I know it's not much but really that's all I can tell you. Upside down hanging is not good for the seals and don't store it on the tires for long periods if time. Worked for me for many years hope it will for you too.




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