I have an 11 years old KHS comp full suspensions RockShox Duke XC, 4".   I always park it up side down, on its handlebar and seat when not riding. Never leaked in 11 years.   Recently started leaking oil  from the front suspensions. I  Called and made an appointment with shop mechanic.  However, he is telling me ( on the phone)  that if I keep park the bike like this, it will continue leaking and it is not good idea...

What is the best way to park it ( hanging it from the ceiling is not an option for me)  ?  

Any way to avoid it in the future ( oil leaking)  -  extra sealing?   if I keep park it on its seat and handlebar which I think is better...

And, could I do this basic maintenance on my own? is there any good guide on the internet? And, how often should I do it if the bike is parked in the garage and I do only light trails, maybe several hours a week?  

Thank you?   Gabe?

Dear Gabe,

First I want to thank you for asking me this nice question...
Never leaked in 11 years, you must be a very lucky guy! Because most of the times the seals will leaks after a while. Unfortunately you have to refresh your seals of your Duke fork by blue seals (special kind of seals).
It is never been a good idea to put hydraulics upside down (even for hydraulic brakes), that's also a reason why you don't park a car upside down ;-)
The best way to park your bike is on his tires, or hang it on a ceiling by some chains/cables and hooks (special kit available at your local bike store) mounted at your saddlebridge and steerer.

And about maintenance, there are so many books written but easier is to see Youtube. For each question there is a solution provided by other cyclist on YT. So, please take a peak on that one.
Every bike do need his maintenance, and that depends on using it. The chain need also lubrications even as the derailleurs (the hinges). And sometimes a wash with a degreaser is welcome. Normally a quick cleaning with a dry cloth will do the job.
But, if you pick up your bike from the mechanic just ask the guy overthere for some extra help and tricks and some tools.

And when you need more help, just drop me an other message.

Take care



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