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I ride a comfort bike  Gazelle Amsterdam from Bikes Direct since 2007, I also was a riding a Elite Sport by Motecane for the last two years until it was stolen in September. I ride the comfort bike to work and back weekdays. I also ride for one hour to one hour and half each day on weekends. I was thinking about upgrading to road bike  for my weekend riding but my funds are low. Do you think it is worth it to buy a GMC road bike from Walmart?

Dept store bikes are cheap, not for serious riders. I would be more inclined to search for a good used bike. Check out bike clubs in your area, many may have a member listings for used bikes.

Bike fit is important. You need to make sure the bike fits you properly.

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I'm sorry you didn't like my answer. I've been riding with clubs for over 30 years. I've worked as a tour leader for commercial bike tour companies. So saying what I said about serious riders does mean a great deal. It means that department store bikes are for kids or casual riders who may ride a couple of times a month. They are cheaply made and will not give the rider a good ride.

I didn't say to join a club, just to see if you can find a used bike being sold by a club member.

Good luck on search, but spending under $300 for a road bike is a waste of money.  


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