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Bicycling/Fixing Gearbox in Mountain Bikes.


Dear Jerry

Is it possible to fix Gearbox in Mountain Bikes?.

If yes, What Speeds can be achieved by the cyclist?.


Hi Prashant,

I would suppose it is possible, but a Fixed Gear bike would be only one speed in most cases and would really turn the bike into a mountain bike frame with a fixed gear system. any gear ratio you like could be obtained by a combination of front and rear cogs.

Fixed Gear bikes simply do not use a freewheel or  a coaster brake so the pedals are always engaged, much the same as a direct drive, so the bike can actually be pedaled backwards. It would seem counter-produdctive to have a gear cluster on such a bike.

Most fixies also use a wheel that flips over so there is a freewheel on one side of the wheel and a fixed cog on the other, the wheel can then be flipped over and used as a regular freewheel bike when the riders tires of riding the fixie. This would be very difficult with a multispeed bike.

Hope this helps

Have a great day



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