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Bicycling/Quadrilateral Cycle.


Dear Michael

Is it possible to design and Construct a quadrilateral Cycle i.e Cycle with four wheels?.

One front and three rear wheels for the cyclists.


Hello Prashant,

I am very delighted that you ask me these kind of questions, but actually all these kind of questions are out of my expertise. I do know vehicles for disabled people, and tricycles for sportathletes to compeed and drive an marathon with it. But to ask me for an quad with 3 wheels in the back isn't where I want to think about. I think that I seriously answered all your questions, but this is one too many.
I'm sorry, maybe that it serious but use Google to find you a blueprint for a design.

Wish you the best.

Kind regards,  


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I`m working for a cycleshop in Amsterdam and know a lot a cycling, especially race and mountainbiking. I raced several years with succes by the amateurs. So for all your questions about products or clothing you can ask me for advice.


Trying to ride the Grand Raid Cristalalps tour.

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