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As compared to Bicycle, more strength will be required for tricycle to drive in the Mountains?.


Yes, for two reasons. First, most tricycles are heavier than most bicycles. The heavier the vehicle, the more strength it takes to pedal it, especially uphill or in the mountains. Second, you have three wheels in contact with the road instead of two, so there is more friction. Also, if the tricycle is upright and the two parallel wheels are in the back, the two wheels have the exact same turning radius, but in reality the outside wheel makes a bigger circle than the inside wheel and travels a little farther. This means that one wheel is scraping sideways a little bit whenever you turn, especially on sharp curves and corners--which also adds friction. A recumbent tricycle with the two parallel wheels in front eliminates this problem.

The major advantage of a tricycle is that you don't have to worry about balancing it, so you can go very slowly and stop anytime without toppling over.



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