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Bicycling/Driving license for Mountain bicyles.


Dear Jerry

What are the reasons for driving licence not required for driving the Mountain bicycle?.


Hi Ashant,

Drivers License is required for driving motorized vehicles in the US. A bicycle does not fit that descriptionas most bikes are not
motorized. Even motorized bikes do not require license if the engine is under a certain limit I believe it is 60 or 80 CC then a licence is not required.

As far as the reasons for it they are numerous, and there have actually been some talk of licenses for cyclists, but so far no real movement toward it. Bikes do not do as much damage to roads as cars and trucks, bikes are not ridden on the road near as much as cars or trucks and many other reasons are often cited as the "reason" for licencing people is supposedly to promote safety and the funds from the licences are used to help build and maintain roads etc. At least that is what politicians would have us believe.

Bikes were around long before cars, children are one of the most prevalent users of bicycles and if they made licenses mandatory it would all but destroy the bicycle industry as we know it. Most bikes in the US are sold as toys for children.

Mountain bikes or road bikes or hybrids, doesn't really make a difference.

In the US Cars, Trucks and motorcycles require license, but farm tractors, and bicycles do not.

Hope this helps

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