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I am looking to get a new ( or used) mountain bike.  Currently have a 12 years old KHS.  Prices of new and good ones are really up there...  

In my research, I came upn this Fezzari Nebo Peak
Seems like it comes with really good components and a relatively unknown frame.  

Is frame design etc. really SO important?   
I am 63 years old love the trails but not going to do any real technical staff.  

My alternatives are used Yeti ASR or Ibis Mojo for about the same price about $3500 in total.  

I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you very much,   Gabe

ANSWER: Hi Gabe,

This is a BIG jump from the older KHS Bike. I was a KHS/Free Agent Dealer for several years I also Sold Fuji/ SE/ Breezer and Kestrel Bikes,  and they make very good bikes.  I have heard of Fezzari, but never had one or even rode one, so am not familiar with the brand or the particular model of the Bike.

I will turn 63 in May, and I ride a 2 year old Fuji Nevada 1.0 but it looks like you may be looking more at the 27.5 to 29" bikes, so that really would not suit you. But it retailed for under 2000.00. Both Fuji and KHS have good quality bikes and you can get something similar to this for about the same or less money

Do you live in the US? If so you should have numerous choices of excellent bikes at the 3500.00 price range, new or used. The new 2016 models will be coming out very soon, check with your local shops to see if they are having any closeouts on the 2015 or if they have any 2014 models left that they will sell at discount. , and check the ads on ebay, craigslist or local classifieds to see if someone may have something that fits.

Here is a Trek Bike that may fit going for 1000.00 less than the bike you were looking at.

Hope this helps,

Have a great day


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Jerry

Thanks for a very nice answer.   Yep, this Trek looks good however, for me it must look VERY good, meaning, I have to really like the LOOK of of the bike as well, not only performance.  For this, I just happened to see in real the new Intense Tracer 275 carbon in a Sedona Bike Festival, where I live, - the most beautiful bike I even saw.  Problem is that it is almost $10,000. A friend of mine just n=bought a new Honda 500 motorcycle - NEW - and big and powerful for $6000  Now this beauty is about 600 lbs. has an engine, electric system, big tires brakes you name it and it still almost half the price of this Intense - something just doesn't add here.  I think they really went crazy with the new bike's prices...
Anyhow, I still like the Yeti, Ibis,t Intense more and seems like I ';; have to make a decision between a new Fezzari or a used of=one of these... or get some more data from somewhere...

Thanks again,   Gabe

Hi again Gabe,

I agree that some bikes are overpriced and that some bikes that are less money are actually just as good as the ones that are 10-12,000, you ofetn as in many industries pay for the name. Considering that there are companies making custom builds for less than some of these off the rack bikes.

I know that I personally would not put that kind of money in a bicycle, but that is just my own opinion. Hope everything works out well for you.

Have a great day.



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