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I am looking to get a new ( or used) mountain bike.  Currently have a 12 years old KHS.  Prices of new and good ones are really up there...  

In my research, I came upn this Fezzari Nebo Peak
Seems like it comes with really good components and a relatively unknown frame.  

Is frame design etc. really SO important?   
I am 63 years old love the trails but not going to do any real technical staff.  

My alternatives are used Yeti ASR or Ibis Mojo for about the same price about $3500 in total.  

I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you very much,   Gabe

It is indeed time to move on from that KHS.  The features on a modern bike will make a night and day difference, even if you aren't riding crazy trails.  I checked out the Nebo Peak on the website and here: and although I have never heard of Fezzari, I think the bike looks like a well-spec'd value.  The frame is not the most sophisticated, but you will enjoy the quality of the components you get with an aluminum frame, rather than a carbon fiber.  Plus, aluminum is easier maintenance, just in case you have a habit of throwing the bike into the back of a pickup or car trunk.

Yeti ASR and Ibis Mojo are genuine classics and are always a good value.  However, if I were shopping right now with your budget, I would be looking for something with modern amenities, such as 27.5 wheels and the latest shocks.  The technology has really matured to the point where you can get something very solid and functional for less than $5000 (and better than those prior-year $5000 bikes).  Since you can order the Nebo with a choice of parts, I would say try to go with the 27.5 wheels and double chainring up front (if you ride up hills much, the weight of the bike will quickly make you appreciate a greater selection of gears combos.)

Thus, to me, not much of a dilemma: Order new.

If you have more in-depth questions, just send back.



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