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I am looking to get a new ( or used) mountain bike.  Currently have a 12 years old KHS.  Prices of new and good ones are really up there...  

In my research, I came upn this Fezzari Nebo Peak
Seems like it comes with really good components and a relatively unknown frame.  

Is frame design etc. really SO important?   
I am 63 years old love the trails but not going to do any real technical staff.  

My alternatives are used Yeti ASR or Ibis Mojo for about the same price about $3500 in total.  

I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you very much,   Gabe


Let me look at the specs of both bikes and ill get back to you shortly.

And yes bike frame material and angles and type of welding and butting ( that means its reinforced INSIDE the tube where the welds are and thinned out Center of the tube for weight reduction). But i'll talk about that more in a bit just gotta chase my kids now lol.

In the mean time let me know exactly what type of riding you'll be doing. Will you be riding in the rain or heavy mud conditions? Technical trails or very bumpy?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again

Thanks for answering

I do trails say beginners to intermediate.  No mud, no rain.  In other words, not TOO technical.  Not looking for injuries, had enough on motorcycle way back...  

It is either this Fezzari or some good Yeti (used) ASR or Ibis Mojo or, open for suggestions/sources...

Thanks again,  Gabe

In looking at the Fezzari it's a hell of a bike. It has lots of good parts but I have a question/suggestion. Can you do your own maintenance on disk breaks? Disc brakes are only optimal when it rains. Since you're not doing rain rides I would suggest to stay clear of them since they're hard to maintain and pricey to upkeep.

Let me keep looking at the Fezzari then ill peak at the yeti and Ibis for you and compare all 3.

Also if your read to spend over $3000.00 might as well get a new bike. #1 they come with warranties. 2) you'll have the peace of mind and luxury of riding a shiny new bike 3) you take chances with used. It could have micro crack or stress wear and other unseen issues. The last thing you want is for the frame to crack when you're on the trail, i've seen it so I know!!!

Get back shortly. Sorry just with the kids...

I just realized when I was a volunteer on here a long time ago I had no kids, now I have two so I may be a bit slow to reply - lol



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