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I am looking to get a new ( or used) mountain bike.  Currently have a 12 years old KHS.  Prices of new and good ones are really up there...  

In my research, I came upn this Fezzari Nebo Peak
Seems like it comes with really good components and a relatively unknown frame.  

Is frame design etc. really SO important?   
I am 63 years old love the trails but not going to do any real technical staff.  

My alternatives are used Yeti ASR or Ibis Mojo for about the same price about $3500 in total.  

I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you very much,   Gabe

Dear mister Gabe,

Very thougtfull to ask me this kind of question, here into The Netherlands where I live we don't know this brand Fezzari. But I looked at the specs, and it seems te be a nice ride. Luxury frame and big wheels and Rock Shox Pike.
At the other hand, our shop don't sell the Yeti nor Ibis, but out of the past I really now they are good.
I have a lot of respect at your age sir, but to be honoust, do you really want to spend so much money for a new bike?
Maybe look at a nice USA bike like Cannondale, Klein, Trek or Giant (Asian) with some cheaper components will also do their job well.
And an other alternative could be to find an nice second hand bike in an local bike store.
Saves you a lot of money, and you will provide the same fun for the buck.

Let me know if this is something you can live with, or that you want a follow up.

With the kind regards,

Keep on ridin'  


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