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Bicycling/neuro damage and bikes


Dear Jerry, I know how to ride a bicycle, but it has been years since I really rode. I am hard of hearing and have "soft neuro damage" from 6 weeks of age, and it took me two years to learn to ride bicycle when I was a child - I am therefore very shaky now that I'm riding again. I've tried my husband's racing bike, very thin tires, and no good! I am 62 years old now - good shape - balance is good once something is mastered - I can stand on one foot in yoga, etc., but I need to relearn my balance a bit for bicycle. What is the best bicycle for me to buy and ride? I live in New York - there are many hills.  

Thank you so much.


Hi Randi,

I would say that probably a geared cruiser bike, maybe a 7 speed, or even a 3 speed. The tires are much wider and the gears will make it easier to get up the hills. I would find a good shop in your area and have the bike fitted to you. There are many companies that make excellent cruiser bikes, pretty much you will find the better bikes at the bike shops and you should be able to get something in the less than 500.00 range that would suit your needs.

Hope thyis helps, have a great day



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