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Bicycling/long distance bike trip meal plan


I am planning a long (4-5 day, 210 miles) bike ride and i plan to do 40-50 miles a day. After doing the math i figure i should burn between 3300 and 2600 (depending on the mileage) Is this a reasonable amount to assume, and how many more calories should I consume than burn to stay energized? What are some good foods or snacks that are small/light enough to bring with me?

Hi Jared,

I've never done super long bike rides like you have but when I do events I carry light compact foods that provide energy and carbs like granola bars, rasins and trail mix.

I looked on Google to research for you and found this great site...

Also a good tip, instead of filling your water bottle with water put in Gatorade. It will help replenish your electrolytes.

As for the calories burned it sounds about right but keep in mind, 3000 calories is 1 pound so if you do burn that much as you calculated you should eat throughout the ride and not when you get hungry.

Hope this helped you out a bit. Happy riding :)


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