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Biology/What's the purpose of the banana fruit?


TruthSeeker wrote at 2013-08-29 02:12:16
"There are some plant species, however, that produce *some* seedless fruit in the same crop as fruit with seeds.  In this case, it's believed that the seedless fruit serve to decoy herbivores and make them fill up on seedless fruit, allowing more of the seeded ones to survive.  So the genetic tendency for seedlessness--at least in some offspring--can actually be adaptive."

This paragraph is actually incoherent with prior statements and our knowledge of the purpose of seeds in fruits.

The purpose of seeds is lies in reproduction, where in most cases, requires the consumption and excretion (via faeces) of animals. The corollary is that it is desirable on a biological basis that herbivores (or omnivores) eat the seedless fruit so that the plant has a greater chance at reproduction and hence 'survival'. The notion of seedless fruits acting as a 'decoy' to herbivores is incoherent with the purpose of the seed in reproduction - the fruits with seeds want to be eaten - therefore a 'decoy' would be biologically unfavourable as it would 'decoy' herbivores away from the fruits with seeds and reduce the chance of consumption of the seed by animal.

TruthSeeker wrote at 2013-08-29 02:17:39
In addition to my previous comment.

Dana might argue that the preservation of fruits with seeds is favourable for natural progression of falling onto the ground - and avoiding consumption, however, if this were true, then this would void any need for the actual fleshy part of the fruit (not always fleshy) - as the fruit acts to attract the animal to consume the fruit.


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