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      I am currently thinking about becoming a biology teacher for middle/high school students. I love animals and I love to talk to people about them. I was wondering if you know if biology teachers can also teach about animal behavior as well as their biology (in order to get students to care about an animals welfare). I am well aware that this would not be the focus of the class, and I also know that high school biology classes teach about plant life as well. I just really want to get these kids to care/know about animals well enough to want to help them.
      For example, would it be okay to have the students compare and contrast the biology of the African Wild Cat and the domestic cat in order to teach about domestication. Then explain to the students that even though domestic cats have changed from there wild ancestors, they still share some distinct behavioral traits (ex: needing to claw, spray, see in the dark)? Therefore it is cruel to deprive domestic cats of this behavior (unless there are certain circumstances).

Good for you. I have been biology teacher for over 60 years and nothing is more rewarding.I cannot answer about biology requirements in Hawaii but High school biology is General biology and covers all aspects of living things, including plants and animals. Although schools follow curriculums you will usually have a chance to venture into different areas and you can concentrate on animal life and animal behavior. I was always an outdoor guy and at my high school I developed an outdoor land laboratory and nature trail. I am still doing it at the college level

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for answering my question! It is very cool how you can concentrate on a certain topic in biology! I was also wondering if domestication would be an appropriate topic for a biology class? Would I be able to use the wild cat example, along with how the domestic dog was domesticated, in order to teach this topic?

Thanks again!

Keep in mind that you are teaching young students who may be taking the first course in Biology so you have to teach the basics first. When discussing domestication a student must first understand the basics of heredity and of course sexual reproduction in these animals.
Basic biology comes first. Then you can feel your way around


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