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QUESTION: Are there distinct areas in the brain dealing with knowing or believing?  If so, over time do we behave using what we know or what we believe?

ANSWER: Memories are stored in all areas of the brain. Visual memories in the occipital lobe,sound memories in the temporal lobe there are taste and smell areas. Before we initiate a behavior thought impulses go to a Gnostic area (knowing area)Then to a common integrative where we decide what to do but before we do messages go to the frontal lobes for interpretation.
  Suppose Joe Blow calls me a bad name and insults my mother. The vision of him and the sounds go to the integrative area. If I am impulsive I might skip the frontal ares and smack him or if I search my memories and frontal lobes I realize that he is bigger then me and I could get creamed. Acting on impulse is not always a good thing.
Behavior depends upon beliefs and memories and is really complicated

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QUESTION: I trying to get at some of the mechanics of this.  Defining ruffly, believing as memory a la 'long term, strongly held.'  Knowing as immediate or recently gathered information.  'Complicated' is not what I want stored in my memory, ending up believing.  Can you direct me to a good 'stuff the brain does' site?  I'll be heading to wiki shortly.  Seems to me over a life time our behavior is dominated by belief or knowledge to some lesser or greater extent.  Impulse it seems would make for a rather shorter life than we might want.  Appreciate your answer, has gone a long way in solving the 'to much time on my hands' situation since retirement.

Every move we make depends upon our previous learning and what we believe (except for reflexive behavior). I am afraid that I know of no  sites about the "good stuff the brain does".Usually any bad things you do can be directed from a problem with the Frontal lobe. This is where the real you (personality) is. Treatments for bad behavior involve doing something to the frontal lobe, like prefrontal lobotomies or shock therapy. This was explored very well in "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest"  with Jack Nicholson


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