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I have another year of high school left and have been thinking about what I want to go to college for.  My interest is Marine Biology/Oceanography.  However, I live in the Central US and do not have many choices for those types of University programs and will not be able to afford to move out to one of the coasts.  

I was wondering what alternatives I would be able to pursue that would still keep me near the marine biology/oceanography career path.  I was hoping that there may be a comparable career, and with a little luck and experience, I would be able to cross-over into Marine Biology/Oceanography field later on.

Thank you for any help you can provide. :)

Hi Jodi
I believe that I have the right answer for you because I was in the same situation in high school. I have always loved the ocean and I live in Ohio. Here is what you can do. Before you get involved in marine you will first have to get your Bachelors' degree in Biology. I assume there is a good university in Minn. When you are there I am sure if it a large college you can take a course or two in Oceanography. Then you can work on your Master's degree in Freshwater Biology at The Stone Institute of Hydrobiology, A laboratory branch of The Ohio State University on an Island in lake Erie. You will spend six days a week studying Fresh water biology. The only difference between hydrobiology and Marine biology is the Fauna. Methods of study are the same.
That is what I did. After that I spent time studying marine biology. I have visited the Galapagos and gulf of Maine and The coral reefs of Belize.
I could do all of this because I got my degree in education (and Biology) Consider getting a degree in Education You will always have a job and can Play in the water. I have been doing it for almost 60 years
 Also consider The Ohio State University. Contact them about scholarships. The biology dept there is second to none.
 Let me know what you think Jodi


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