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Is Bruce Lipton on to something, or is he just sensationalized quazi-science?

ANSWER: I had not read about the ideas of Lipton but I looked into it and he does present a good argument and he appears to be a legitimate scientist. I think his ideas merit further study

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QUESTION: He had a youtube video on Angelina Jolie. Basically he said even though her genes claims there is a 87%-some chance of her getting breast cancer she should avoid thinking about it and should have kept her breasts because thinking about it is the cause of the cancer basically. He doesn't believe there is such thing as a "cancer gene." I don't know how he thinks you can get particular results or non-results based on thoughts. Thoughts are complex and we can't yet perceive our own perception and probably never will. Something about his teachings seems a little sensationalist. You don't agree?

I only read briefly about his views so I do not know much about his research. I certainly disagree that thinking about cancer causes cancer and there is evidence that some cancers can have an DNA origin. I do not know what his angle is but you may be right.  


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