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Hi, I have a biology test soon, and I need help figuring out how to diagram the stages of mitosis and meiosis under condtions such as 2n=3, 2n=2, 2n=1, and so forth.  I just don't understand how many sister chromatids or homologous pairs to start out with, and then how many chromosomes are in each daughter cell after cytokinesis.

Hi Leah
The best way to make a diagram is to find a sketch of the cell cycle. Since it is a cycle it makes no difference where you start out at. I do not understand your references to 2n=3,2n=3 or 2n=1 2n is the diploid number and n is the haploid number
All cells prior to meiosis are diploid and meiosis only occurs with gamete formation. The G1 phase occurs after cytokinesis and the new cell are diploid in mitotic division. In Meiosis they would be haploid.
You would need to make separate diagrams for mitosis and meiosis


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