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I have a question related to my general biology class. For a project my teach wants me to evolve or make me own organism. It will just be a one page paper about he organism and a drawing of it. However, I have no clue on how to do this. He wants me to choose an already existing organism or one that has previously existed. Then show its adaptations on how it evolve into the organism I created. Plus what it eats, where it lives, how does it reproduce,etc. Again, I have no idea how to even begin with this, especially because we haven't even gone over evolution yet. Is there anyway you could possibly help me? Just give me some guidance and such? I would really appreciate it, granted I'm completely lost and want to do well in this class.

Hi Leah
The first thing that I would do is establish the niche of my organism and what type of an environment does it occupy? . Pick a biome. This will tell about food relationships. Then I would decide the classification of my animal (Mammal, bird, reptile)
Then I would work backwards to determine how it came about. What changes have occurred in the ecosystem? Was there a geographic isolation in which is was separated from others.
 Read up on Darwin's Finches to get some ideas  


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