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I had my daughter and a friend in a kiddie pool at our house today.  We filled the pool up before they got in but I am unsure if I let the water run to cold before.  There were some blades of grass in there.  They played and sprayed each other with toys.  When the friends mom got there she was vwry upset.  She said that I exposed her daughter to dangerous pathogens from water from the house.  Our water is city water so chlorinated.  I do not know if it was completely dry before I filled the pool.  I did not see any water go up their noses nor did they dunk their heads.  When asked my daughter saud they didnt get water on their faces.  I am looking for a scientific explanation to give the other
mom as to why this is safe.  She mummbled something about parasites that go up the nose or cause stomach issues.  I do believe she waa referring to an ameoba.  Please help.

Hi Jessica
This mother is paranoid over a rare protist named Naegeria fowleri. This an organism occasionally found in very warm (80 degree) fresh water ponds. It enters the body through the nose and can cause death. It is extremely rare with two or three cases a year in the US.
It is never found in treated tap water.
Search Naegeria and print an article to show this mother


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