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Generally,mankind( I believe across all cultures) prefers to eat foods that are served hot or sometimes chilled.I have the impression that it should be more natural,beneficial and tastier to eat food as it is  i.e. at room temperature, as what other animals do. Our body mechanism also would work optimally, I presume at either room or body temperatures. What is your comment?

I remember reading something years ago regarding the esating habists of pre-historic humand before they discovered fire. Since we are omnivores the would eat animal tissues raw. When thyey found fire which they used for heat perhaps they dropped some meat in the fire and found out it was more tender and tasty when cooked.
Cooking meat breaks down the tissue and changes the flavor. I do not know if the terms that you used "more natural and beneficial and tastier" apply however. Some people prefer their steaks rare. I prefer most foods hot and during a meal I will often return to the microwave. The point here is that we have a matter of opinion as to temperature and you are correct that ther are no physiological factors involved. It is a matter of what you prefer.


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