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Hi! I was wondering if we could get diseases from aliens because part of me thinks it might be impossible because aliens evolved in one planet and therefore their entire biology can be so different from ours that whatever causes their diseases (their equivalents of bacteria and viruses) might not have any way to affect to our bodies because our bodies could be so different that the bacteria or viruses couldn't recognize a human as a system to ''infect'' and would just stick in the human body and die and one thing that comes to my mind is that the biology of the supposed aliens might be so different to us that their diseases might not be capable of using the ''resources'' of our body for replicating inside of us which is the primary cause for the diseases when the number of pathogens overwhelms the immune system. Do you agree with me that this might be possible that we might have vastly different biology when compared to aliens that we might be immune to their diseases like a mac is immune to windows viruses simply because the alien diseases didn't evolve to infect species from the ecosystem of Earth?

Great ideas Mika!  I do agree with you!  A truly alien pathogen would likely be so foreign as to be "unable" to harness our biology to its advantage.  There could be ill-effects caused by sensitivities to certain substances on or produced by these foreign "germs", but a true infection would (hopefully) be very unlikely as these relationships take time to develop.  This concept is actually a plot point in the story "War of the Worlds", as it states, that with the cost of one billion lives 'Man had earned his immunity, his right to survive'.


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