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Dear Prof Walter

1. Is it possible that there could be Eye Birth defect in a child
where the child can have vision of only one eye ?. i.e. Child born with vision of only one eye. He/she cannot see with the other eye.

2.Is it possible that there could be Ear Birth defect in a child
where the child can hear with only one ear ?. i.e. Child born with able only to hear with only one ear. He/she cannot hear with the other ear.

Also it is possible that an adult can hear only with one ear i.e. Adult who was able to hear with both ears at birth is able to hear with only one ear. i.e. Has become Deaf with only one ear. Able to Hear with other ear. This may had happened due to ear related infections, diseases etc ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Good to hear from you again Preshant. I am afraid that you caught me in the area of birth defects called teratology so i cannot elaborate very much on these questions.
1. I have heard of any birth defect that affects only a single eye in children unless it was caused from birth trauma in which case it would have no effect on the other eye
2. My answer would be the same with respect to ears
3. I can answer this from my own experience.
My mother ,who was born in 1906 ,came down with scarlet at an early age. It destroyed her inner ear and she was deaf in that ear for the rest of her life. Her other ear was fine


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