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Walter. Skin is the first and foremost defence of the bodies immune system. Theoretically, if we were to be covered completely in skin (no holes, whatsoever), which I know is absolutely ridiculous...would we be immune to a vast number of bacterial infections, viruses and diseases. Assuming that the viruses, etc.. were unable to mutate.
If this was the would the bacterial mutate?
Thanks for taking the time to answer this insane question. Much appreciated :)

Hi Annabelle
WE are covered completely with skin are the skin is the first line of defense. The only holes are pores connected to sweat glands Bacteria can only enter through  break in the skin.Immunity to bacteria involves the 3rd line of defense and comes about with exposure to the germ or virus Mutation of parasites is an uncommon occurrence. A change in a strain of a bacterium is the result of natural selection. Consider strains the become resistant to an antibiotic. It was always present but the nonresistant bacteria dominated. If we destroy the non resistant strain the resistant germ takes over.  


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