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Hello can you tell me:

-How do our bodies react when we like or dislike food by its smell

-How do our bodies react when we like or dislike food by how it looks

Please put it in scientific terms!

Please don't ask me anything about the question, please just give me the answer or as much as you know

  Hi Neon
All reactions to the taste and smell of food are voluntary and involuntary and possibly learned. Consider There are certain facial expressions. If you find the smell pleasent this first involuntary reaction would be salivation, then continued sniffling and facial expressions such as smiling. If you dislike the smell there would be no salivation, facial expression such as frowning.
With respect to how food looks the responses would be pretty much the same as with the smell. I am thinking that there might be some puzzled look however.
Keep in mind that individuals may respond differently. I mentioned learning because it depends upon how a person reacted as a child especially with vocal responses.

I answered this question on Jan 31. Here it is again


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