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 I was wondering if there has ever been an instance of a species ever going completely instinct but then re-evolving to nearly the same animal species  at a later point in history, in a seperate location without any contact?
I dont mean similar, I mean almost identical with just a few differences?
I ask because I was just daydreaming and I though about something. This is obviously just hypothetical,but heres my question. However unlikely it may be, is it possible that if Humanity became entirely extinct, that millions of years from now a species could evolve on earth that looks and seems nearly identical to humans?
Thank you

Hi Jason
Interesting question. The evolution of Homo sapiens took millions of years so there is no way we can test this theory. As far as we know no known extinct species has re-evolved. Extinction is a natural part of the evolutionary process.
 In could have during during the process of microevolution but ther eis no way that we can know it.


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