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Dear Prof Walter

What is the biological reason of some Human beings Require a Fan and some Human beings do not Require a Fan?.

i.e. Some Human beings feel cool and some Human beings feel Hot.

Thanks & regards
Prashant s akerkar

There are a couple of answers to this Prashant. First of all everyone does not react the same to changes in temperature because their Homeostatic mechanisms may vary. Remember that our sensory impulses only respond to changes. When the temperature rises we perspire ,increasing evaporation and cooling the body. Some people perspire more then others. My wife and my son perspire more that I do so we react to changes differently. This is a hereditary factor.
 Another factor to consider is that people use temperature as a form of communication. They complain about the temperature or weather in order to get a response from others. )I joke with my students that when their girlfriend claims she is cold it is merely a ploy to get a hug)In other words they will survive weather they need a fan or not. In Ohio where I live with four seasons people are always griping about the weather. It's too cold or too hot or to rainy or too dry.
My response is usually "My body temperature remains at 37.5 degrees C no matter what"


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