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hi i just wanna ask how does tropical rain forest ecosystem develops from a grass-dominated ecosystem? can u describe its developmental stages for further understanding.
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It uses sunlight, water and nutrients from the soil to produce their own food to feed on. Decomposers such as Fungi and Bacteria, feed on dead waste material and make things break down for plants to eat.
The tropical rainforest is generally considered the richest, most diverse ecosystem on Earth. Its diversity means it is endlessly fascinating for biologists and naturalists.
What is tropical rain forest?

Tropical rainforest is found around the equatorial bulge of the planet. About half of it occurs in South and Central America.
Another quarter of the world's rainforest occurs in south-east Asia.
There is also tropical rainforest in New Guinea.
A small amount also occurs in north-east Australia.

When exploring this habitat, most visitors are confined to the darker floor of the forest. If a large opening does appear in the canopy, there is an explosion of plant growth. Once a seedling starts growing, it may develop into a huge tree. And all around and on top of the canopy of these rain forest trees grows a huge range of other plants. These epiphytes and vines are one of the defining characteristics of tropical rain forest.

People often expect the jungle to be full of big, bright flowers. They are usually more subtle than that.

Generally, animals are difficult to spot in the rainforest. In documentaries, we spend months filming wildlife that will all get squished into a few minutes of footage.

Many creatures are virtually invisible, such as the cryptic stick insects.
But if you practise some patience and luck, smaller creatures can be spotted regularly, such as frogs. The amphibians, which many of us take for granted, are amazing creatures.

Birds can also be difficult to spot in the rainforest. What about global warming and the rainforest?

One of the major ongoing problems of the world is the continual clearing of rainforest and other natural ecosystems.  


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