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may i know the similarities between the nuclear, solar, hydro thermal and geothermal energy? its so confusing.
thank you so much

Geothermal runs 24/7, whereas solar can only work during the day (though there are some pretty good ways of storing the energy at night.) Geothermal, however, cannot be done anywhere and is mostly limited to countries with a lot of volcanic activity, such as Iceland.

Hydro is 24/7, but again it can only be done where the conditions are right. Most cities do not have giant, damable rivers near them.

All of them, however, have the great similarity that they do not contribute to global warming, and are infinitely renewable.

Solar and hydro electricity both come from renewable sources but that may be the only similarity. Solar electricity is converted from heat/radiation of solar energy and hydro electricity is generated from kinetic energy of water moving the turbines/generators.
go to following site​geothermal.htm   

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